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About Us

Work is not often easy. Whether it is the tasks at hand or trying to balance it with the events of life, work can be a drain. Add in dealing with people and tough questions that come with it, and it is a perfect storm.

As a result, we developed myWorkPlace. Simple, easy to use, and completely open, myWorkPlace is dedicated to answering your questions. Not only do we have an entire community to pitch in, but we also have HR Professionals available on staff to answer your queries.

Regardless of anything else, we want to help you and make work life bearable and fluid. When problems plague work life, they fester and throw life out of balance. We would rather have you flourish.

Located outside of Dublin, Ireland, we are trained and ready for all of your questions, and have the hands-on experience to do so accurately.

Though initially started in 2014, the site has been totally re-built, re-thought, and re-organised. We are bringing you a fresh product complete for a new age.